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Introduction: Michael Rudolph
Introduction: Daniel C. Juster
Elephants in the Room: Michael Rudolph
Mitzvah Subject Keys
New Covenant Literal Application (NCLA) Code

Appendix A: Subject Index
Appendix B: Tanakh Scripture Index: English Versification
Appendix C: Tanakh Scripture Index: Hebrew Versification
Appendix D: B'rit Chadasha Scripture Index
Appendix E: Maimonides Mitzvah Cross-Reference Index
Appendix F: Meir Mitzvah Cross-Reference Index
Appendix G: HaChinuch Mitzvah Cross-Reference Index
Appendix H: Mitzvot of Three Classical Commentators in Order of HaChinuch's Mitzvah Numbers & Labeled According to weekly Parashiyot
Appendix I: Scriptures Cited by Three Classical Commentators Arranged According to Weekly Parashiyot
Appendix J: Maimonides' List of Positive & Negative Mitzvot
Appendix K: Explicit and Implicit Mitzvot in the Book of Matthew
Appendix L: Explicit Mitzvot of the New Covenant Shlichim
Appendix M: Hebrew Word Glossary

Note: An asterisk (*) preceding a Mitzvah number below indicates that it references one or more of the classical compilations. An asterisk (*) following a Mitzvah title below indicates that its assigned NCLA Code is other than JMm JFm KMm KFm GMm GFm.

Godliness & Godly Living
Being Unequally Yoked in Matters of Godly Importance
Walking in God's Ways
Being Good Stewards
Keeping Vows Made to God
Swearing Oaths Only in God's Name
Using God's Name Lightly or Falsely
Confessing, Repenting, and Making Restitution for Our Sins
Succumbing to Fear, Worry & Anxiety
Swearing Falsely
Ritual Purification, Cleanness, Separation & Health
Wine & Drunkenness
Being Born Again from Above
Being Pure in Heart
Aspiring to God's Perfection & Holiness
Doing Religious Things in Order to Be Seen
Seeking to Please Men over God
Being Humble & Not Prideful
Being Good Stewards of Our Spiritual Gifts According to the Grace Given Us
Assembling with the Brethren
Living by God's Words & Not by Bread Alone
Fleeing from Love of Money and Pursuing Godly Virtues
Allowing Wordly Attractions to Ensnare Us
Being Subject to Governing Authorities
Being Clean of Spirit as Well as of Body

Lending Money without Interest to Our Poor Brother
Returning a Needed Pledged Item
Eating and Otherwise Partaking of the Produce of Our Work
Giving Financial Help to Persons in Need
Setting Aside Part of Our Increase for the Poor
Gleanings and Part of Life-Sustaining Commodities Left for the Poor & Disadvantaged*

Being Fair & Honest in Business
Paying an Employee His Wage on the Day He Labors or When Due
Cancelling Loans & Not Refusing to Make Loans In & Near the Sabbatical Year*
Dealing Harshly When Lending Money or Collecting Debts

Days & Seasons
Resting from Work & Assembling on the Weekly Sabbath*
Leaving Our Homes to Work on the Sabbath*
Keeping the Sabbath Day Holy*
Resting from Work & Assembling on God's Annual Sabbaths*
Counting to Shavuot & Waving Two Loaves*
Keeping Our Home & Domain Free of Leaven & Chametz from Passover through the Feast of Unleavened Bread*
Abstaining from Eating Chametz, from Passover through the Feast of Unleavened Bread*
Observing Passover with Matzah & Bitter Herbs*
Observing a Late Passover with Matzah & Bitter Herbs*
Observing the Feast of Unleavened Bread by Eating Matzah on Each of Its Seven Days*
Ceremonially Recounting What God Did for Us When We Left Egypt*
Blowing the Shofar on Special Days & As an Alarm in War*
Afflicting Our Souls & Repenting on Yom Kippur*
Rejoicing at the Festivals of Shavuot, Sukkot, & Sh'mini Atzeret*
Living in a Sukkah during the Feast of Sukkot*
Taking Up the Four Species on Sukkot*
Public Reading of the Torah during Sukkot in the Sabbatical Year*
Cancelling Loans & Resting Our Land in the Sabbatical Year*
Resting & Returning Ownership of Our Land in the Jubilee Year*
Determining Occurrence of the New Moon*

Covenant Responsibilities
Preserving & Disseminating God's Word
Performing & Receiving B'rit Milah*
Commemorating Pidyon HaBen*
Being a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation, Proclaimers of the Good News, & a Light to the Gentiles*
Conversion & Receiving Jewish Proselytes & Converts*
Tzitzit, Tefillin, & Mezuzot*
Tithes, Offerings, & Tz'dakah
Being Fruitful & Multiplying in Number & in Fruitfulness

Honoring and Revering Our Father and Mother
The Covenant Laws of Marriage
Divorce & Remarriage
Withholding Food, Clothing, or Marital Rights from Our Wife*
Treatment of Children*

Relating to God
Believing in God
Acknowledging and not Denying Belief in God and in Yeshua
Knowing that God is Echad & Triune
Loving God
Testing God's Promises and Warnings
Fearing God
Treating God as Holy by Proclaiming Him Holy, Being Holy and by Not Profaning His Name
Serving, Worshiping, Praising, & Praying to God
Clinging to God
Approaching God While Unrepentant
Being Thankful to God and Blessing Him in All Things
Having Faith in God & Trusting Him in All Things
Dedicating Ourselves to God
Knowing God by His Observing His Creation
Blaspheming God vs. Receiving Messiah & the Holy Spirit
Putting God First
Being Continuous, Persistent & Fervent in Prayer
Waiting on God
Praying in Faith & Having Faith for That Which We Pray
Knowing God & Who He Is

Holiness & God's Order
Having Reverence for God's Sanctuary
Modeling God's Holiness by Our Appearance & by What We Wear
Preserving Things That Belong to God and That are Holy
Using Our Speech, Thoughts, Hearts and Actions for That which Is Good and Holy
Conducting Sacrifices Outside of the Holy Temple
Appointing a Ruler Whom God Chooses
Dying to Self

Idolatry, Heathens & the Occult
Practicing Idolatry
Pursuing the Occult
Benefitting from Idolatry
Enticing Others to Idolatry
Enabling Idolatry
Destroying Idolatry
Listening to Those Who Would Lead Us Toward Idolatry
Covenanting with Idolaters and Unbelievers
Adopting Heathen Practices

Applying the Mosaic Law in a Manner Consistent with New Covenant Realities
God's Law of Justice
Injury & Damages
Law of Inheritance
Appointing Elders to Lead, Pray, Teach, Judge & Make Halachah

Creatures We Are Allowed to Eat and Forbidden to Eat*
Boiling a Young Animal in Its Mother's Milk and Acts of Similar Heathen Perversion
Eating Fat, Meat from Strangled Animmals, or Food Polluted by Idols*
Eating Blood
Eating the Sinew of the Thigh*
Hunting and Slaughtering for Food*

The Jewish People & Land of Israel
Occupying the Land of Israel*
Blessing & Not Cursing the Jewish People
Gentiles Not to Be Excluded from the Jewish Community

Morality & Compassion
Pursuing Righteousness & Doing What Is Right
Keeping Our Promises
Telling the Truth
Returning Lost Items to Their Owners
Committing Murder or Other Unjustifiable Homicide
Committing Theft or Robbery
Pursuing Economic Equity through Our Institutions
Being Humane in Our Dominion over God's Creatures
Coveting or Planning to Acquire Another's Property
Biblical Principles of War
Resisting Temptation to Sin

Neighbours & Brothers
Loving Our Neighbor, the Stranger, and Even Our Enemy
Wronging One Another through Our Speech
Helping Our Neighbor Who Is In Need
Forgiving Our Neighbor
Resolving Disputes, Correcting, Reconciling With & Bringing Discipline to Brother Believers
Exploiting a Neighbor's Weakness
Taking Reasonable Steps to Keep Ourselves and Others Safe
Giving Respect & Honor to Persons of Advanced Age
Helping a Person Who Needs Rescue
Being Hospitable
Judging Our Neighbor
Repenting of Our Own Sin before Seeking to Correct Our Neighbor
Serving Our Neighbor
Pursuing Peace with Our Neighbor
Nursing Anger Toward Our Neighbor
Despising Our Neighbor
Being Compassionate & Merciful Toward Our Neighbor

Outreach, Ministry & Spiritual Authority
Being Salt for the Earth & a Light for the World
Ackowledging & Utilizing Our Spiritual Authority
Preaching the Word of God to Those Who Are Closed to It
Implementing the "Great Commission" Proclaimed by Yeshua
Casting Demons Out of Persons Unable to Maintain Deliverance

The Priesthood of Israel & of Believers in Yeshua
Cohanim to Bless God's People
Regarding God's Priests as Holy
The Priesthood of Believers & Entering God's Most Holy Place
Priests Marrying Persons Likely to Compromise Their Holiness
Priests Ministering While Spiritually Unclean
Levitical Priests Being Near a Dead Body

Ru'ach HaKodesh
Listening to and Heeding God's Voice
Receiving the Holy Spirit
Coming Against the Holy Spirit
Testing the Spirit

Sexual Conduct
Engaging in Homosexuality
Having Sexual Relations with Family Members
Committing Adultery
Fornication: Engaging in Sexual Intimacy Outside Marriage
Having Sexual Relations with a Person & Also with a Close Member of that Person's Family
Engaging in Prostitution
Engaging in Sexual Contact with Animals
Having Sexual Intercourse with a Woman During Her Menstruation
Giving Ourselves to Unlawful Sexual Desires

Word of God - Torah
Studying, Hearing & Teaching Torah & Torah-Obedience
Remembering and Walking in Awareness of God's Word
Prophesying Falsely
Testing Everything that is Spoken in God's Name
Writing, Teaching & Learning the Song of Moses
Adding to, or Subtracting from, the Written Word of God
Believing or Advocating Unbiblical Doctrines & Paying Heed to Persons Who Do
Obeying the Mitzvot of Adonai & Yeshua
Nullifying the Word of God through Our Rules & Traditions
Attending to Both the Lesser & the Weightier Matters of Torah

Messiah Yeshua
Seudat Ha-Adon
Abiding in Yeshua in Order to Bear Fruit
Trusting in Yeshua & Believing that He is Our Messiah Sent by God
Expecting & Accepting Persecution on Account of Our Faith in Yeshua
Denying Yeshua for Fear of Man
Following Yeshua & Putting Him Before of All Else
Acknowledging God as Our Supreme Father, & Yeshua as Our Supreme Rabbi, Teacher, & Leader
Coming to Yeshua for Spiritual Rest
Obeying the Commandments & Teachings of Yeshua

Believing End-Time False Prophets & Messiahs