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New Covenant Literal Application Code

Each mitzvah in this compilation includes a New Covenant Literal Application Code (abbreviated NCLA) that consists of three parts. The first part specifies Jew, K'rov Yisrael, or Gentile. The second part specifies Male, or Female. The third part specifies one of seven possible levels of literal compliance that applies to each. The NCLA Code accompanying each Mitzvah reflects the author's interpretive opinion, and is provided for the reader's prayerful consideration only.

The key to the NCLA Code is as follows:

Person Categories
JM Jewish male
JF Jewish female
KM K'rov Yisrael male
KF K'rovat Yisrael female
GM Gentile male
GF Gentile female
Literal Application Categories
m Literal compliance mandated
r Literal compliance recommended
o Literal compliance optional
n Literal compliance not generally recommended
u Literal compliance unauthorized
p Literal compliance prohibited
i Literal compliance impossible


A Mitzvah followed by JMm JFm KMo KFo GMn GFn, means that the literal compliance of the Mitzvah is mandatory for Jewish males and females, is optional for K'rov Yisrael males and females, and is not genereally recommended for other Gentiles.

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