Five-Fold Ministry Within A Network of Messianic Jewish Congregations
John Glueck
Governing Elder at Kingdom Living / Mamlacha Chai

John is a governing Elder at Mamlacha Chai (Kingdom Living), and he leads the local Messianic Jewish service. John and his wife Marcia have been associated with Tikkun International since 1999. John received s'micha (ordination) from Tikkun in 2000 and they pioneered a Messianic Congregation in Phoenix, AZ. He serves on the Tikkun American Executive Team and travels to the USA Congregations for ministry. As a result of the vision for regular traveling in prophetic ministry and empowered evangelism, John and Marcia have established a new work called Jewish Vision ( Jewish Vision is associated with MJMI (Messianic Jewish Movement International,, a ministry of evangelism to the Jewish people worldwide, where John is Executive Director. Both are related ministries at Tikkun International.

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