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Thursday, 29 August 2019
Intercession and Redemption

Seth Klayman shares his views on how Messianic Jews are uniquely positioned:

Because Messianic Jews have embraced Yeshua, "the light of the world," they are uniquely positioned to intercede out of the fullness of Israel's calling to be a light to the nations. In praying for the redemption of Israel, Messianic Jews can intercede out of a place of intimate relationship with Israel's redeemer, through whom that redemption will be accomplished. Moreover, when Messianic Jews pray for their fellow Jewish people, they can pray out of the extraordinary depth of heartfelt burden that one bears for kin. (Chapter 3, page 58)

Are you familiar with the idea that Israel has a calling to be a light to the nations? Are you comfortable with the concept that Messianic Jews have an intimate relationship with Yeshua?

What does it mean to bear a burden for one's kin? Do you think you feel this "heartfelt burden" for our people?

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