Believing in G-d (1)
 God is Echad (2)
 Obeying G-d's voice and commandments (3)
 Loving G-d (4)
 Fearing G-d (5)
 Treating God as Holy by Being Holy and by Not Profaning His Name (6)
 Worshiping God through Praise, Prayer, & Service (7)
 Clinging to G-d (8)
 Approaching G-d while Unrepentant (9)
 Swearing Oaths in God's Name Only (10)
 Honouring Vows Made to G-d (11)
 Using G-d's Name Lightly or Wrongfully (12)
 Testing G-d's Promises and Warnings (13)
 Breaking the Covenant of Marriage (14)
 Leaving our Parents when Covenanting Marriage (15)
 Divorce and Remarriage (16)
 Two Kinds of Forgiveness (17)
 Keeping Our Promises (18)
 Telling the Truth (19)
 Committing Murder (20)
 A Question of Names: Part 2 (21)
 Promoting Economic Equity Through Our Institutions (22)
 Being Humane in Our Dominion over God's Creatures (23)
 Loving Our Neighbor, the Stranger, and Even Our Enemy (24)
 Helping Our Neighbor Who Is in Need (25)
 Rebuking, Correcting and & Disciplining (26)
 Taking Reasonable Steps to Keep Ourselves and Others Safe (27)
 Giving Respect & Honor to Persons of Advanced Age (28)
 Confessing, Repenting, and Making Restitution for Our Sins (29)
 Listening to & Heeding God's Voice (30)
 Receiving the Holy Spirit (31)
 Using Our Speech, Minds, Hearts and Actions (32)
 Destroying Idolatry (33)
 Destroying Idolatry (34)
 Listening to those who would lead us toward idolatry (35)
 Covenanting with Idolaters and Unbelievers (36)
 Adopting Heathen Practices (37)
 Succumbing to Fear, Worry & Anxiety (38)
 Prophesying Falsely (39)
 Conversion & Receiving Jewish Proselytes & Converts (40)
 Cancelling & Refusing Loans In & Near the Sabbatical Year (41)
 Being a Kingdom of Priests, a Holy Nation (42)
 Cancelling Loans & Resting Our Land in the Sabbatical Year. (43)
 Resting & Returning Ownership of Our Land in the Jubilee Year. (44)
 Being Unequally Yoked in Matters of Godly Importance (45)
 Being Fruitful and Multiplying in Number and Fruitfulness (46)
 Being Fruitful and Multiplying in Number and Fruitfulness (47)
 Returning Lost Items to Their Owners (48)
 Walking in God's Ways (49)
 Lending Money without Interest to Our Needy Brother (50)
 Dealing Harshly When Lending Money or Collecting Debts (51)
 Honoring and Revering Our Father and Mother (52)
 Acknowledging and Not Denying Belief in God and in Yeshua the Messiah (53)
 Being Thankful to God and Blessing Him in All Things (54)
 Being Thankful to God and Blessing Him in All Things (55)
 Having Faith in God & Trusting Him for All Things (56)
 Preserving & Disseminating God's Word (57)
 Tzitzit, Tefillin, & Mezuzot (58)
 Performing & Receiving B'rit Milah (59)
 Swearing Falsely (60)
 Divorce and Remarriage (61)
 More on Sexual Intimacy (62)
 Prostitution (63)
 Injury and Damages (64)
 Dedicating Ourselves to God (65)
 Castration (66)
 Tithes, Offerings & Tz'dakah (67)
 Returning a Needed Pledged Item (68)
 Being Fair & Honest in Business (69)
 Paying a Poor Man His Wages When Due (70)
 Gentiles Not to Be Excluded from the Jewish Community (71)
 Giving Respect & Honor to Persons of Advanced Age (72)
 Eating and Otherwise Partaking of the Produce of Our Work (73)
 Occupying the Land of Israel (74)
 Blessing & Not Cursing the Jewish People (75)
 Being Salt for the Earth & a Light for the World (76)
 Being Continuous, Persistent, & Fervent in Prayer (77)
 Preaching the Word of God to Those Who Are Closed to It (78)
 Giving Ourselves to Unlawful Sexual Desires (79)
 Acknowledging and Utilizing Our Spiritual Authority (80)
 Being Good Stewards (81)
 Being Merciful to Our Neighbor (82)
 Pursuing Peace with Our Neighbor (83)
 Nursing Anger Toward Our Neighbor (84)

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Tuesday, 10 October 2017
Nursing Anger Toward Our Neighbor

Neighbours can really get under your skin, can't they. Those irritating little habits and the way they say certain things! But we must not hold or nurse anger against them or it will eat us!

Clearly, anger itself is not sinful, but what we do as a result of our anger often is, and that is why there are so many Scriptures that warn us against anger.

Catch it here:

Mitzvah N16

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