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Sunday, 26 August 2018

Almond - the almond blossom is often seen as a symbol that G-d uses to speak to His people. Aharon's rod budded, blossomed and bore ripe almonds overnight when it was placed in the Tabernacle to show G-d's choice of Aharon and his family as the priestly family. (B'Midbar 17:8). Moshe was told to make some of the furniture for the tabernacle to look like almonds (Shemot 25:33-34).

The prophet Jeremiah saw a vision of an almond tree and then G-d told him that He was watching over His people to see that His word was accomplished. (Jeremiah 1:11). How is G-d watching over us in these days and what does He see? Does He see a people ready and prepared for Yeshua's return, or does He see His bride still fractured and

split by needless argument? If we - the Bride - are to come to full blossom, showing the fulfilment of the ages, then we need to come together, to pray for each other and to allow the L-rd to melt our hearts with His compassion and grace. Then we will see the image of G-d restored in each other and so will He.

Posted By Jonathan Allen, 10:05am Comment Comments: 0