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Friday, 1 June 2018
Main Conference Speakers

So the annual Tikkun America family conference begins this evening. Do you know what you can expect when you get there? Or can you not attend and want to know how you

can pray for everyone? Read on below.

Session 1 begins at 7:30pm tonight, as we bring in Erev Shabbat together. Heartcry of David will be leading worship before Mike Brown comes forward to speak to us.Session 2 is a Shabbat morning service, which begins at 9:45am. Beit Simcha will be leading worship and the father and son Daniel and Ben Juster will be speaking.

Saturday afternoon has lots of extra activitiies: 70th Anniversary of Israel Celebration on Turf Valley Lawn, followed by Ruach HaKodesh Ministry and a Dance Workship. That's not to mention all the sharing and schmoozing that will be going on betweentimes!

Session 3 begins at 7pm promptly on Saturday evening, with Heartcry of David leading worship and then Asher Intrater speaking.

Session 4 is after breakfast on Sunday morning. 9:30am sees Kingdom Living starting worship and then Richard Clear and Tom Blake finish the conference off with a dual-message.

Take a moment to check out the vendor tables on the perimeter of the conference room to find great books, resources, and information. Recordings of the 2018 Restore Conference sessions are available on CD; please visit the Tikkun book table in the back corner to place your order, or keep an eye on the blog to see when they become available.

Let's get going for the best Tikkun conference yet at #Restore2018!

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