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Monday, 21 May 2018
Dan and Patty's summer itinerary

Today Dan and Patty Juster fly in to the States from Israel. They will be here for eight weeks, with a full itinerary of visiting and speaking engagements!

They will be attending Restore 2018, the Tikkun America annual conference, as well as visiting various congregations around the network and speaking at some conferences. You can find a full itinerary on the Tikkun America home page. Please do pray for physical, emotional and spiritual strength as they give of themselves to advance the Kingdom of G-d.

El Shaddai, Frederick, MD

This week, on from Thursday onwards, Dan and Patty will be visiting El Shaddai and ministering to the leaders and elders. They will be speaking at the morning service on Shabbat and you can get directions here.

Restore Leadership and Family Conference, Ellicott City, MD

Next week Dan and Patty will be attending this summer's Tikkun America conference. The theme of the conferences are "Out of Zion: Standing for Truth in Our Culture" and Dan will be speaking at both the leadership conference during the week and the family conference at the weekend. You can book your place here.

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