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Friday, 30 March 2018
We leave Egypt tonight!

It is said that as we recount the Passover story of old at our seder, it should be as if we personally leave Egypt. Does this sound difficult? Most of us would struggle to even imagine the daily hardship of slavery in Egypt! How can we then dare to pretend that we know what the Exodus and freedom meant to our forefathers?

We are invited to join in the heritage of our people - that has descended for generations - in saying that we are the Jewish people: we may not have been there physically, but it happened to us. We are invited to enter in to the ancient story and recount it, remembering that this is real and we can partake in it. It belongs to us, so will be embrace it and carry it forward?

Two thousand years ago, a Rabbi was killed at Passover; His death and resurrection is the foundational belief that has given hope and meaning to millions of people since. We weren't there, yet every year we are invited to take a glimpse into the seder which Yeshua shared with His talmidim. Will we take ownership and say, "This is a part of who I am"?

We have been cleaning to rid our homes of chametz; we have been preparing a feast for tonight; tonight we will hold our seder and then we begin the count of the Omer. Let's not get so caught up in our preparations and actions, that we forget a deeper meaning of the feast.

After all this waiting - we leave Egypt tonight!

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