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Friday, 17 March 2017
Or Chaim in Israel

We had an awesome trip to the land! Fifteen members of our congregation were there between the 6th and the 19th of February.

We connected with Helping Hands Coalition, and served over 100 Holocaust survivors at different gatherings. We prepared meals, served them, distributed gifts to them, but most of all, we loved on them! All of those who came with us would probably agree that this was certainly a highlight of our time in Israel. We also introduced our team to many of the different ministries in the land, including Revive Israel (Asher Intrater), Chosen Peoples Ministries, Dugit, Aliyah Return Center, Carmel Assembly, and several others.

Since about half of our team had never been to the land before, we were also able to visit many of the historic/biblical sites, as well as places with significance for modern Israel. We had great times of prayer and worship, from the Syrian border all the way down to Arad.

Many of our folks were impressed with what is happening today in the land, from seeing the discipleship taking place with Revive, young, passionate Israeli Believers sharing Yeshua with other Israelis, and different ministries working together to bless the most needy people in the land, Holocaust survivors. Also, we had 4 ladies from our congregation who are part of a ministry to widows, go to Haifa to share and encourage a group of 30 Israeli widows. Great reports!

This trip to Israel was the first from our congregation, and will be annual event, hopefully to include other churches and congregations in the area. As a matter of fact, Millie and I went to a church in the area yesterday, to share about our outreach, and many of them are interested in joining with us next year.

Our desire was not just to do a "tour" of the land - our heart was to introduce our Messianic congregation to the living stones in Israel today! Yes, we did some touring, but that was not the most important aspect of our time, it was touching the people!

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