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Wednesday, 15 March 2017
Emerging Leaders

We wanted to share with you a report of how the conference for emerging leaders went ...

In mid February, over the President's Day weekend, more than 50 emerging leaders gathered together for relationship building, worship, inspirational teaching, and discussion. Everyone expressed gratitude at the expanded format that now included deacons, worship leaders, and home-group leaders in addition to new elders. This is also the first year that both men and women leaders attended.

Dan and Patty provided an anchoring impartations, demonstrating the history and values that have been lived out for the past 30+ years within Tikkun America network of congregations. Todd Westphal, Richard Cleary, and Ben Juster also shared impassioned messages about leadership, generational partnership, and effective Holy-Spirt guided ministry.

Of particular significance, several of the emerging leaders shared testimonial teachings related to developing in leadership and relating to the senior leaders who have mentored them.

And there was some time for fun too! Sunday evening, we rented out a duck-pin bowling alley for knocking down some pins and eating pizza together. It was a blast to see families and emerging leaders from around the country building kesher (connection) together.

We are already looking forward to Emerge 2018 next year and hosted in Kansas City!

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