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Monday, 22 February 2016
Ohev Yisrael Prison Ministry Update

Ohev Prison Ministry Volunteers minister to two groups at our local prison, namely, the women's dorm and the men's dorm. The women's ministry takes place at 7:30 each Monday morning and the men's ministry takes place at 9:30 each Monday morning.

It is our prayer and desire that those men and women enrolled in the programs will be sincere and diligent in learning how to live and apply the Word of G-d to their lives and will allow the Ruach HaKodesh to lead and guide them and keep them in the new direction they have chosen.

Our Prison Ministry teachings, along with other Volunteers from Churches, provide Scripturally and biblically based teachings which we trust the inmates will find spiritually encouraging and uplifting and that they will truly allow the Word of G-d to transform them into disciples of Yeshua and into all that Yeshua would have them to be.

Ohev'sPrison Ministry Volunteers were invited to a dinner at Rabbi Michael and Marie Rudolph's on January 23rd, 2016 to celebrate those who have served in the Prison Ministry and to share and discuss Prison Ministry accomplishments and matters. Due to the inclement weather, our dinner date was postponed to February 13th and we have been looking forward to having a wonderful time of fellowship and sharing.

We take this opportunity to extend an invitation to anyone who has the time and feels led to join our Prison Ministry Volunteer Team. I encourage you to speak to some of the Team to ask them to share with you their experiences in serving as Prison Ministry Volunteers. If you feel you would like to join in this ministry, please get in touch with Rabbi Michael Rudolph.

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