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Wednesday, 29 July 2015
Evangelist Returns to Knoxville

Many of you were with us last year when our guest evangelist came to Knoxville, and were blessed. He is one of the foremost Jewish evangelists in a world today. His heart is not only to reach the Jewish people with the Gospel, but to equip others to properly deliver the Message to the children of Israel.

Here is an introductory note from our guest:

My mission: To serve the Body of Messiah, opening the hearts of Christians to God's heart concerning the salvation of Israel and Jewish people worldwide. Yeshua (Jesus) wept over one city, Jerusalem. He is weeping still. The very people who brought the gospel to the world are today outside of the very Kingdom they originally proclaimed to the world!

It is full time to bring the message of salvation back to the people who first gave it to the world. Today the greatest need in the Jewish community is spiritual. Less than 1% of Jewish people worldwide know The Lord! It is time (as our Christian friends in Norway say) concerning the gospel, to: "Return to Sender."

The apostle to the Gentiles was willing to lose his eternal salvation for the salvation for his brothers, the Jewish people!!! Do you see that God loves Jewish people and those who follow Him must follow Him in that love? Will you come to receive your blessing? Two sobering questions that demand an answer!

Gates of Zion

Last Shabbat our guest evangelist was very helpful as he instructed us in Messianic Jewish evangelism at both our Shabbat services. He will be ministering and imparting an anointing for evangelism to Jewish people at both our Friday evening service at 7pm and and on Shabbat morning at 10:30am.

No two worship services are ever the same. The Friday night services will be much shorter and less formal. Feel free to invite your friends.

Please meet our guest at the synagogue as we continue this journey together on how we make the salvation of Israel a reality in Knoxville! Click here for directions.

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