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Thursday, 2 July 2015
Prison Ministry Update Part Two

This is the second part of an update from the Ohev Yisrael prison ministry, with weekly visits to a nearby prison:

On March 21st several of us attended the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry Banquet, a yearly event attended by volunteers from all of the various churches and congregations which minister in the prison. It provided us volunteers with an opportunity to hear of the many successes that have been realized individually and by the Good News Jail and Prison Ministry organization as a whole as well as to hear of their challenges and needs.

We got to meet some of the others who render Bible teachings to the inmates, and got a chance to have a personal visit with the chaplain who is in charge of the Prison Ministry. And since it was a banquet, we gladly partook of the wonderful food they so graciously served to us.

We are most grateful for the opportunity to serve and minister to the men and women of the prison. We solicit your prayers for us as we minister to them and also ask that you pray for those that are incarcerated - that their hearts would be changed by the washing and cleansing by the Word of G-d and that they would be successful in being victorious over every challenge they are confronted with in life.

Please join us in praising the Lord for what he is doing! If you are interested in joining our group, just leave a comment and get in touch with us.

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