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Monday, 4 August 2014
Jail Ministry update from Ohev

Participation in Prison Ministry continues to be a joyful and rewarding ministry. It is currently actively participated by nine of us. We continue to minister to the men and women as the L-rd leads us, and we share with them about Jewish history and culture, the Hebrew aleph bet, the appointed feasts, and have rendered teachings on various biblical topics centering on drawing close to Yeshua, understanding the sovereignty of our Heavenly Father, our role as soldiers in Yeshua's army, casting down imaginations and taking captive every thought, to name a few.

Invariably, Rabbi Michael begins his teaching with telling a little something about who we are and then opens up with "Does anyone have any questions?" From there, the Bible study takes on a life of its own as one question after another is asked.

The ladies' Dorm is such that the guard, who is usually female, is seated in the room with the ladies. Recently, one of our team was sharing with the ladies some history and she shared about a particular day that 30,000 were burned in the Second World War.

We were pleasantly surprised toward the very end of our study time by the female guard sharing with the ladies about someone she knew who was in World War 2. She shared a bit about what he had gone through and how terrible it was for him. She also shared about how he survived what he went through. She ended with an encouraging word to the ladies to be thankful for what they have, to make good use of the time they must spend in the jail and to make necessary changes in their lives so that they will never again have to return.

Please pray that this important work is able to continue and the lives of the inmates will be continued to be touched by the L-rd as they ask questions!

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